Conger-Elsea News
Vice President Consulting Services - Roy Caniano

Roy is described as both an operation expert and a highly versatile corporate leader. He is certified as a material and reactor radiation specialist and a materials licensing reviewer. Frequently Roy will host a joint training workshop with Hellier, our partner for (NDT) Nondestructive Testing. Together they provide the NDT audiences with valuable knowledge concerning Government Regulatory and Oversight Agencies.

As an operations expert, Roy has proficiencies and knowledge of the materials inspection and licensing program, the Reactor Oversight Process, the associated 10 CFR regulations and oversight of the agreement state program. He is a proven leader of two high-visibility agency level augmented inspection teams associated with events in the nuclear power plant and materials programs. And he has also served as a senior executive, managing a 70- member team with responsibilities to implement all inspection and licensing programs in the reactor and materials programs. With an extensive background as part of the USNRC enforcement and allegation process, Roy brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences to Conger-Elsea.